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How to Research and Select a Contractor
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This is a shared group collaboration of knowledge and experience. We encourage everyone to participate. Copy / Download / Edit / Add Additional Information Comments open at bottom of this document.

This is a shared group collaboration of knowledge and experience.
We encourage everyone to participate. Copy / Download / Edit / Add Additional Information Comments open at bottom of this document.

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Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. Check if Licensed State only checks if Contractor has General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Louisiana Secretary of State Business License Search Must be in "Good Standings" 2. Must be Active Link:
Contractor License Type Your contractor must hold a license or licenses that match the type and scope of work to be completed. 1. Residential 2. Commercial

Permits and your Contractor All permits should be pulled by your contractor. You should have a copy of each permit requested and approved. You will be invoiced for the cost of the permit. Know if the Contractor is charging a labor fee for time requesting permits. Permitting is required on just about every facet of a rebuild. Your City / Parish Zoning and Planning Office will have a detailed list of what permit you will need.

Ask for Trades Resume Resume / Formal Training / Work Experience documented list. School of Hard Knocks does not apply, you must have trained, studied, been certified under a master in the trade to be called a tradesman of the trade. Examples: (Skilled Trade) Worked 3 years Framing with Master Carpenter R. Carp, licensed in the state of Louisiana now retired here's his phone number. (Skilled Trade) Journeyman with TA Plumbing and Mechanical worked 6 years as a Journeyman under the Master Plumber R. Plum license number #123456 (Unskilled) Internship with Mr. M 3 months learning how to wire low voltage electronics in a centralized distribution environment. Even if it sounds impressive it's electrical and requires training by a master Electrician or trade / vocational school.

General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Have the Contractor issue you an insurance certificate from his insurer. He should have a minimum liability amount ($100,000) or what suits the homeowner. If he has non-family working for him he must have workers compensation insurance (amount of coverage is statutory). When requesting the insurance certificate tell the Contractor that you must be named as an additional insured, and that you want a Waiver of Subrogation in your favor. There should be no additional cost to your contractor (from his insurer) for this. Effective August 1, 2017, LA R.S. 37:2171.3 contractors are required to issue you a valid certificate of insurance at the time of the bid. (Before you hire)

Contractor Lien Waiver Demand that your contractor sign a lien waiver every time he's paid. This document states that he has paid all of his material suppliers, labor, and subcontractors. It protects you from 3rd party liens (if your contractor did not pay his bills).

Research each member named in the business license. Search Tip: Ask for a Resume from each of the businesses registered owners listed on the Secretary of States website and research each point. Research each name associated with the registered business. You want to be sure your contractor is really who they say they are. It's important to notice things about your Contractor / Builder that help identify them as a member of the trades, tradesman or at least skilled in the trades.

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