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Honda CRV 2008 Radiator Cooling Fan Motor Replacement (COMPLETED 5-26-2019)

Replacing our Driver Side Radiator Cooling Fam Motor in our 2008 Honda CRV during the Indy Kart car Indianapolis 500 and before the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 we hope not to miss a lap.

We're going to have to remove some parts.

Here's a list of the images we're downloaded to do the job.

If anything is not as it is shown in the images I'll update this post.

If not, good luck, be sure you follow Honda rules on all lubricants and fluids.

This is much easier than it looks so don't worry, get a cool water and find a shady spot and get it done.

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2007-2010RadiatorFanRemoval1.jpg 2007-2010RadiatorFanRemoval2.jpg cooling_Fans_HondaPartsNow_Com.png

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