Multiple SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Applications

FAQ#: 402 published 8-5-2020

Multiple SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Applications

"We have received multiple applications from your business for economic injury&hellip."

I have read many people posting this question and would like to set a process in place to correct this error.

The SBA most likely found two or more applications that are using identical information. This could have been the famous database glitch time period. You may have entered two or more applications by mistake or little Jimmy took your SSN and filed for his $1,000 allowance bonus. In any case, it's time to get your account squared away so you see the active account in your portal.

Suggestion on how to correct the issue: (Temporary Process to correct this issue)

(I will update this as we find smoother more effective ways of updating application information.)

  1. Login to your portal and note the application number.

  2. Check the account number with the account listed in the email. If they match go to 3 otherwise go to 8.

  3. Call the SBA 800-659-2955 and verify your email address with them.

  4. Update your email address if incorrect.

  5. Ask the SBA to send you a new portal invite with the corrected email address.

  6. Login to the portal and check your application number. If missing go to 7 otherwise 8.

  7. Call the SBA and have them attach your application to your new portal.

  8. If your application number starts with 2000 then use the old SBA login portal to view your active applications.

The process is to get your application attached to your login, your email and your SSN or EIN whichever you use for your business filings.

Call the SBA if you have not received your portal invite to create your login account. 800-659-2955 ask them to send you to send you the portal invite to create your account.

If you have suggestions on how to correct the "Multiple SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application" syndrome please feel free to submit your question.


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