SBA EIDL and PPP Bookkeeping and Record keeping requirements.

SBA_EIDL / 8-6-2020 / File:# 399

EIDL: Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Page 4 of 11. SBA Form 1391 (5-00) BOOKS AND RECORDS
"Borrower will maintain current and proper books of account in a manner satisfactory to SBA for the most recent 5 years until 3 years after the date of maturity, including extensions, or the date this Loan is paid in full, whichever occurs first. "

Resource: U.S. Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loan LOAN AUTHORIZATION AND AGREEMENT

PPP: Paycheck Protection Program loan

Page: 8 of the Interim final rule under question: c. When will SBA undertake a loan review? (13 CFR Part 120)

"As noted on the Loan Forgiveness Application Form, the borrower must retain PPP documentation in its files for six years after the date the loan is forgiven or repaid in full, and permit authorized representatives of SBA, including representatives of its Office of Inspector General, to access such files upon request."

Resource: Docket Number SBA-2020-0033

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