The Livingston Parish 3,800 Substantially Damaged.

The Livingston Parish 3,800 Substantially Damaged.
You may have read about FEMA auditing Livingston Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (LOHSEP) and their handling of Substantially Damaged homes as a result of the 2016 floods.
The Parish has placed the mitigation responsibility on the homeowners.
Most of the mitigation paths have been closed or are not applicable or have run out of funding. The majority of the SD claims will be filing appeals and offering proof showing the home suffered less than 50% of it's market value in damages.
The main webpage I will be using to link the different methods of mitigation is located here:
What I will eventually cover: How to resolve the most common issues.
  • How to Appeal Substantial Damage assessments conducted by FEMA or your local municipality.
  • Notice of Non-Substantial Damage appeal approach, challenging damage assessments provided by FEMA or your local municipality.
  • Elevation / Grants and Companies
  • Sell, move, buyout options
  • Repair based on best practices from FEMA mitigation
  • Demolition and Reconstruction options

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