Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) for Independent Contractors, Self-Employed and others is coming to an end but don't stop filing if you are unemployed.

Independent contractors who were eligible for Unemployment Assistance and received the additional Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) should still file unemployment if you are not working or if you cannot provide 100% of your services. 

State unemployment offices should have notified you that you can and should continue to file. You will qualify for the state unemployment. How much will depend on your tax forms that you were instructed to send to your state unemployment agency. 

You can start back working and declare income each week but if its not what you typically make keep filing to show you are not back to normal operations and income. If you drop below the minimum threshold your state provides you would then receive UI compensation which could be the difference of having food and fuel for your household. 

If you haven't filed since the date you were told your PUA would end you can back file. Its up to your state to determine if they are going to pay you UI benefits. 

Example: In Louisiana Independent Contractors now have to use the job search and send a resume to at least 3 companies each week. The state then will provide between $107 and $247 weekly under the UI benefits program. You will also keep the states reporting of percentage of unemployed accurate. Our government agencies have a method that once you stop filing for unemployment you are considered working. There is no other method of counting your employment status if you do not file with your state even when you have a reduction in pay.

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