SBA Disaster Loan Homeowners Input request for loan repayment using HUD Guidance June 20, 2019

SBA Loan Homeowners Input request.

Louisiana Restore Homeowners Program:

I am tracking the best I can all the payments going to the SBA Loans as a reimbursement and payoff.
I am only tracking eligible reimbursements which means only households below 120 percent AMI.
The reports show the state is issuing checks based on income starting with low income. This is not the same as the declined loans that are not restricted by income.
If you received a check I am looking for the following things.

  1. Total Amount of your 2-party Check.
  2. Total Reimbursements listed in your REIMB_ECR
  3. Total Repairs listed in your ECR
  4. Your AMI as listed on your grant award.
  5. Your total amount of SBA loan for Structural repairs.
    (Send me a screenshot or picture of the page showing structural loan amount.)

Use the contact form page to send your answers.

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