January 15, 2020 Restore HUD Grant Closing Deadlines.

Your grant will be rescinded at 4:00pm January 15, 2020 if you where one of those that received a deadline notice between Nov. 27 2019 and Dec. 16 2019.
This deadline letter did not offer any specifics. It is a very generic letter that doesn't reference your Account number, name or address. This was by design from the state to not emphasize the need to justify the letter to HUD policy.
As you know, Restore Call Centers are designed to process your paperwork. They are not trained to offer assistance or find a policy path your family can take to complete your recovery. The approach is based on a "Self Help" process that penalizes those that are not aware of the unpublished procedures, agendas or meetings.
I do my part with research and public notices related to information the state does not freely offer to the public and often the state plans communications to omit information that would serve in the public's best interest if the result would decrease eligible applicants or reduce administrative costs. The state is aware of my activity and has delayed all of my document requests to 90+ days. This now creates a problem with time sensitive issues. I need you all to start posting in comments all communications from the state about your issues so I can make targeted information requests. I will also be asking you all to send FOIA requests on your behalf based on the letters. I'll write your requests and post them. Most people get information in under 30 days.

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