Hurricane Isaac CDBG-DR grants are still available from state OCD-DRU passed on Isaac APA 13

HMGP / 7-17-2019 / File:# 141

State Accepting Public Comments on Plan to Reallocate Disaster Recovery Funding for Hurricane Isaac.

Office of Community Development
Disaster Recovery Unit
State of Louisiana
Division of Administration

Feb. 21, 2018
Contact: Marvin McGraw
Louisiana Office of Community Development

The Louisiana Office of Community Development is accepting public comments on an Action Plan Amendment that reallocates Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funding received from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for recovery from Hurricane Isaac.

Action Plan Amendment 11 will:

  • Amend allocations for St. John the Baptist Parish's Homeowner Rehabilitation, Housing Elevation, Small Rental Rehabilitation, Small Business Grant and Loan, Demolition and Clearance programs;
  • Reduce the allocation for St. John the Baptist Parish;
  • Reduce the allocation for State Administration and Planning;
  • Reduce allocations for the State-Run Hazard Mitigation Cost-Share for LMI Households and Homeowner Rehabilitation Programs; and
  • Create and allocate funds for the State-Run Soft-Second Mortgage Program. The formal public comment period for Action Plan Amendment 11 begins today, Feb. 21 and continues until 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Residents, community leaders and elected officials can view the plan by visiting Action Plans and clicking on the respective APA link.


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