Community Development

Community Development - City, Town, County, Parish, Disaster Recovery.

At first glace your Office of Community Development might not seem like much. But once your Community Development department in your local city, town, county, parish level gets hold of some serious federal grant money offered by HUD your Community Development people can be proactive and create solutions that lead to a rapid recovery plan or they can be reactive in that they do the minimum and only react when public outcry or other issues drive them to respond.

  • NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING Restore Louisiana Task Force Friday, July 13, 2018 9:30 am House Committee Room 5
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    Who is planning on going? Who would like to take part in the Public Comment period which is open for 50 minutes at the end of the meeting? Who needs a ride to the State Capital? Lets get our trip organized soon!

  • Action Plan Amendment No. 1 Community Development Block Grant Funds in response to the Great Floods of 2016

    Action Plan Amendment No. 1 for the utilization of Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG) in response to the Great Flood of 2016 Public Comment Period: February 1 to 15, 2017

  • Restore La. Program Speeds Up Progress, Aims to Help More Homeowners and Businesses

    At todays Restore Louisiana Task Force meeting, Gov. John Bel Edwards said the state is making significant progress in its recovery from the 2016 floods, but there is more work to be done to help homeowners and businesses recover faster.

  • Louisiana Flood DR 4277 and 4263 the APA 8 Action Plan Amendment 8 with Public Comments are here
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    You have to ask the right people to get a copy of the public documents that our Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit is required to publish to the public on the state OCD-DRU web page. Lucky for thousands we have concerned citizens

  • Request for copies of missing Flood 2016 Contracts from OCDDRU Flood Contract page
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    Ensuring Transparency, Accountability, Efficiency and Open Public Communications is much more difficult with the state of Louisiana Department of Administration than you might think. No accountability even with their methods of asking for Public Records.

  • Quality Controls and inspections related to Estimates with missing items
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    The state of Louisiana Office of Community Development Disaster Recovery Unit creates contracts with companies to do a job for disaster victims. Its the homeowners responsibility to report any errors or omissions to the OCD no matter how small.

  • Louisiana Homeowners Restore LA Solution 1 State offers Turnkey Contractor Solution

    The state of Louisiana Office of Community Development hired IEM Inc. to manage the repair and reconstruction program for our flood damaged homes. The state trusts IEM, now our Louisiana neighbors can assure the contract and trust is never broken.

  • Remembering the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program's of yesterday.

    Well it feels like it is still yesterday with most of the same players and a few new names in the game Customer Satisfaction isnt part of the Hazard Mitigation program and it appears that engineering may also be something that comes with a rubber stamp.

  • 2016 Floods Action Plan Amendment 8 taking money from Administrative funds to create a new government program

    May 15 at 5 p.m public comments end for Actin Plan Amendment 8 which wants to take away money from the overall program to bailout government. Don't sit back waiting for this to happen. Speak out, stop government waste and bailouts. Repair Homes First

  • Low to Moderate Income disaster victims with good credit are denied HUD CDBG-DR Grant funds
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    Grantee OCD-DRU Louisiana has adapted a new policy to deny Low and Moderate income households from claiming a financial hardship do to having good credit and the ability to receive a Federal Secured SBA loan.


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