HUD requires an Environmental Inspection prior to awarding CDBG-DR grants
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What state leaders do not understanding is more than a few of these homes required to have Environmental inspections are owned by homeowners that will NOT qualify for CDBG-DR grants no matter the outcome of their environmental inspection.

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Supervisor O.
Supervisor O.
Sat. Apr. 28, 2018  51 days ago on Sat, Apr 28th 2018 

You all know I look deep into the issues that touch us all. The SBA Loan is one of the biggest and more difficult issues to put a clear case history in print. But it's coming together slowly. I'll get to that another day. I read an old news clip of Gov. Edwards back in Sept. 2016. he was asking HUD to waive the Environmental Review / Inspection process. That pointed me in the direction of government waste. And he's why. I thought it was odd to decline 5,000 people but to have completed a Environmental review. Gov. Edwards asked HUD to waive the required ER citing the costs could run as high as $80,000,000.00. He was close, it's currently at $50,245,000.00 which between $6,627,500.00 and $11,960,000.00 worth of our disaster relief money is wasted. In fact, it's US taxpayers money that is wasted. Why does Restore LA do the ER at the beginning of the process and not near the grant award contract signing period? According to HUD Exchange 2016 CDBG-DR Environmental Review Webinar training at about minute 20 in the long webinar Release of Funds (7015.16) was not to happen until the ER is complete and recorded. I thought this process seemed a bit out of place. Why spend money on ER when I know SBA Loans will disqualify me from any CDBG-DR as it stands today. Why not do the ER after the DOB check? Then I thought, why did they do the ER and the Repair Estimate when their policy is to deny anyone with an active SBA Loan for any amount? Then I looked up the contractors, $10,000,000 for the ER contractor, $11 million to another, and what about the contractor handling the Repair Estimates? $100 million per year. I went to Restore LA Homeowner Assistance Program page to download the newest Pipeline reports. With a calc, it looks like our state government by selecting to do the ER at the beginning of the process and not after the Financial review just cost us between $6 and $11 million in recovery funds. Correct me if I'm wrong and please do. But if training materials show that release of funds can not happen until the ER is complete then why do the ER until you know funds are going to be released? With to date over 5,000 denied Grants that tells me we had at least 5,000 paid ER done for nothing. Resource:

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