Matters Under Review

Matters Under Review (MUR). When victims of disasters question why.

When rules, guidance, process, laws and procedures are put in place that are described as helpful but the victims of the disasters see no help we need to review the rules, the process, the laws and the procedures and question why they are in place. Matters Under Review are issues experience by disaster victims that are specific to rules, laws, guidance, procedures of disaster recovery.

Citizens Proposed SBA Disaster Federal Assistance Declined Solution.

Proposal Date: 8-22-2018
Announcement via: Published Web, Social Media, Email
Title: Homeowner Declined or Canceled SBA Disaster Assistance
Preview 8-22-2018


A. Email to Sen. Kennedy 2-8-2018:

B. Press Release Gov. Edwards 2-8-2018:

  • What it means to be Low and Moderate income families in declared disaster zones in the USA and Territories.

    More specifically, what does it mean to rebuild with next to nothing leaving you dependent on federal and state agencies that seem not to understand the urgency of the matter.

  • Collecting homeowner expense to income percentages pre and post one year after the floods.

    I will be presenting to the Task Force the increased or decreased costs to homeowners after the disaster. I am looking to identify any possible remaining options to assist homeowners with unmet needs based on the increased cost of living.

  • S. 3041, Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Record

    What does the S. 3041 Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 which was once called H.R. 4460 - Disaster Recovery Reform Act do for homeowners with SBA Loans? In our opinion, nothing, but if you have news that will help we are listening.

  • How well does your state follow the HUD Grant Amendment Process?
    Writers Pool

    When you follow the HUD Grant money trail you will run into the guidelines HUD places on Grantees which is your state government on just how to handle the Action Plan and the inevitable Amendments that follow in the wake of every declared disaster.

  • Louisiana Waivers Alternative Requirements for Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Grantee
    Writers Pool

    When we follow the waivers, alternative requirements and requests our state of Louisiana OCD asks HUD and the CDBG-DR program for we start to see a trend of funneling money away from those that it actually is to assist. Follow the Money.

  • Why Governor J.B. Edwards will never fully understand the issue with Duplication of Benefits SBA and HUD
    Writers Pool

    The Governor of Louisiana John Bell Edwards has consistently referred to the Duplication of Benefits issue without really understanding what his own state employees are doing about it.

  • Louisiana Trades and Building Contractors need to build trust once again.

    Louisiana Homeowners risk being a victim of the building trades more often than you might think. After every disaster we are all warned about unlicensed contractors. This warning isnt enough, we need to be warned about all contractors!


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