Fact checking your federal and local agencies during your disaster recovery.

Fact checking your federal and local agencies is more than just a job for your Office of Inspector General. Do not allow your agencies to direct your recovery toward their special interest groups. Disaster recovery is about the victims not corporate

Restore Homeowners Assistance Program Discussion request: Approved SBA Loans declined by homeowners.

The Restore.LA.Gov/FAQ regarding SBA Loans that were declined is not 100 accurate so I had sent an email to the listed director of Homeowner Assistance Programs Jeff Haley. He forwarded my request to discuss the issue to an outreach communications person

by Contributor published 6/27/2018 6 min. 35 seconds read

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FACT CHECK FEMA Fact Sheet: Why should I return the SBA disaster loan application published by FEMA

Get the facts about the SBA loan before you complete the application and sign the closing documents. You may be putting your disaster recovery in financial risk and you may be putting your home at risk if you can not make the payments required.

by Contributor published 7/18/2018 updated 9-29-2018 6 min. 7 seconds read

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Defy law making branch of government without threat or ramifications from Louisiana State Representatives.

Secretary and any grantee under this section shall not take into consideration or reduce the amount provided to any applicant for assistance from the grantee where such applicant applied for and was approved, but declined assistance ...

by Murray Wennerlund published 7/23/2018 updated 7-24-2018 13 min. 2 seconds read

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State of Louisiana accepted HUD Guidance Nov 16 2011 76 FR 71060 Duplication of Benefits as policy

Funds are not reasonably anticipated when the source and/or amount is indefinite, or the applicant is unaware that he/she may be eligible to receive additional funds at a later date.

by Writers Pool published 7/26/2018 3 min. 29 seconds read

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I respectfully request a copy of the shared agency data feed in my name.

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C.ยง 552) and Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. ยง 552a) I declare, certify, verify or state, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America, that the foregoing is true and correct.

by Supervisor published 7/15/2018 updated 7-17-2018 2 min. 37 seconds read

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PLEASE VOTE NO on CLOSING our HUD CDBG-DR Program before HUD's ALLOWED Time Estimated to be 1-18-2023

We ask that our Restore Louisiana Homeowners Assistance Task Force Members vote NO on ending our grant program as described by Director of OCD-DRU Patrick Forbes on 7-13-2018.

by Murray Wennerlund published 7/16/2018 3 min. 23 seconds read

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Your SBA Disaster Loan Program approved maximum loan amount is available to you for how long

The State of Louisiana Office of Community Development follows the HUD Guidance published 11-16-2011 which states, Funds are not reasonably anticipated when the source and/or amount is indefinite. What does the SBA say about cancelled loans and time?

by Murray Wennerlund published 7/25/2018 updated 9-29-2018 15 min. 20 seconds read

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IEM Inc. managing long term CDBG-DR disaster recovery fails to send policy change notices to flood victims.

Since being awarded the contract to manage the taxpayer funded long term recovery program provided by HUD and CDBG-DR funds IEM Inc. has failed to keep disaster victims updated to policy and procedural changes. Communications and Transparency fail.

by Murray Wennerlund published 10/29/2018 updated 1-15-2022 11 seconds read

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3800 homeowners refused HUD assistance by the State of Louisiana Office of Community Development

Louisiana Homeowners are saying "This Bayou Stinks of Swamp Politics". When you mention anything about the SBA Loan that 3,800 Louisiana Homeowners Declined. All we hear is State Reps, agencies and the governor muttering swamp talk politics.

by Supervisor published 7/2/2018 updated 7-23-2018 15 min. 46 seconds read

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FEMA-4277-DR August 2016 Flooding State of Louisiana Federal Register Links and References

Ensuring Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency in Taxpayer-Funded programs related to DR-4277 Louisiana Flooding

by Writers Pool published 6/2/2018 updated 6-27-2018 1 min. 38 seconds read

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