Restore Louisiana contractor IEM denies homeowners elevation costs in Construction Payment process
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Summary at a Glance
In the state of Louisiana homeowners required to reconstruct and elevate have had an on going battle with select IEM managers about the proper methods of handling the financing. To date, not a single homeowner in this group has been able to finalize.
Solution 2 Reconstruction with Elevation New Construction Draw Schedule omits costs of elevation and offers only slab on grade calculations which on average leave homeowners out of pocket for $68,000 until the final draw in the program.
Can homeowners afford to pay $68,000 out of pocket for a 1,400 sqft homes elevated platform?
How about a homeowner with over 2,100sf of living space elevated to 6' at an estimated cost of $101,000. The Restore Program management Todd Mann and friends once again skip, omit, leave out elevation costs for homeowners forced to elevate. The first time was in the original grant calculation, any homeowner who elevated was not given elevation allowances to offset DOB to include SBA DOB.
We have to start telling the state and it's leaders we want competent people managing our recovery. They are being paid as professionals but when they forget to add columns, footers, floor joists, beams, tie downs, concrete and rebar to a Reconstruction account they leave the full financial burden on the homeowner.
How many of you have $100,000 in cash that you can use and wait for final payment for your Reconstruction and Elevation? Do you know the program has not successfully reached final payment for any Solution 2 Reconstruction and Elevation account? Do you expect them to handle your case any different than they are handling those further into the program as you? I hope not. We currently have two homeowners gearing up for battle over the missing elevation components and one of them is me so you know it's going to be full out policy war.
Sign up, join in, it's your money, credit, and your recovery that is once again in jeopardy of disappearing because the Restore IEM Management "Attention to Detail" is about that of a 2 year old child.

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We need a land surveyor that can do Elevation Certification for our FEMA B.F.E that is registered and...