FEMA Declared disaster DR-4392
Iowa Severe Storm Tornadoes DR-4392

FEMA declared the disaster. Learn from homeowners that suvived previously declared disasters.

DR-4392 Iowa Severe Storm Tornadoes July 19, 2018 Major Disaster Declaration declared on September 14, 2018

Once FEMA has declared a disaster in your county, parish, city or state they will rush you into the applications process very quickly and limit your time to their standard 30 days after the disaster is declared.
It is at this point we want you to STOP, WAIT, LEARN what you are truly getting yourself into before you step foot into a FEMA disaster center.

I will share with you from sources, references, disaster victims up to date information that covers policy that effects you. What I will not be doing is holding your hand and offering one on one services. That is what online groups like Restore LA Program Info Exchange in Facebook.Com does. I may be a moderator but that's where we end the one on one solution help.

What you can expect to learn from this page.

  • What Disaster Services to sign up with and what to ask for.
  • Understanding that your income level and your employment are first on the list of things to review.
  • Learn what FEMA wants you to do which is in the best interest of FEMA.
  • Learn what you NEED to do and it may not include FEMA.
  • Understand that their are more grants available then they first talk about.
  • Experiences you should learn from.
  • SBA is Dr.Evil for EVERYONE in the first 30 days then it's only Dr.Evil for 99% of you. All others will have credit elsewhere. I will explain in much detail the workings of our Federal Disaster Loan Program that will cost you thousands in lost grants if you don't learn the federal rules and the federal sequence of disaster delivery.

Disaster Data:

FEMA has not posted any data as of this date 9-15-2018.

Designated County (Individual Assistance):

Stay in Touch and Stay Reachable during working hours for all FEMA follow up questions and inspections. If you are unable to be at your home for any FEMA follow up be sure you ask someone to represent you or you may be disqualified simply because you couldn't take time off work. FEMA also needs to identify you as the person that occupied the home during the time of the disaster.

Follow FEMA Disaster Recovery Information from their official page.
But, read our resources below before you venture off into the world of FEMA and have a FEMA and SBA sales person guide you to bankruptcy or missing out on being debt free during your retirement years.

FEMA is authorized to award you IA housing grant money that is designed to reimburse you for your temporary housing, living, travel, food, etc, expenses during the days of the actual disaster. You should take this money, most often it is per person averaging $700 to cover up to one week.
You are going to hear about IA (Individual Assistance) and IHP (Individual Household Program and ONA (Other Needs Assistance).

IA (Individual Assistance)
Taking the event order you will be offered a small amount of grant money if any for IA. This is a safe grant and will not be used against you later as long as it is for rental or during the time you were suffering and that is during the disaster. If you lost your home or appartment this IA grant may pay for Hotels, Appartments, or other shelter directly. What they give you in form of a check is to cover your time between the disaster and when you get into a rental agreement that they will pay directly. Take the IA money.

IHP (Individual Household Program
This is where we say think before you accept anything. If it's a grant you receive this money can only be used on repairing your home. But, if your home is a Manufactured home this money will count against you for later grants. Also, if you purchase appliances, furniture, hot water heater, bedding, clothes you will be penalized for those purchases later. This is to make your home safe to live in but also doesn't not count as funds for rebuilding as your home was prior to the disaster. You must understand that every dollar of IHP will be counted against you with other programs so you must spend that money you have recieved only on items that other programs will not offer you grant money for or toward the final repairs of your home.
More Information and Resources.

ONA (Other Needs Assistance)
To date we have not had any reports of anyone being awarded ONA grants which can be used for anything from clothing to vehciles. We do know that nearly everyone that lost a vehicle was told if you applied to the SBA and were "Declined" by the SBA FEMA may award you the ONA. We find this FALSE based on the fact that the SBA will qualify you for collateral loans and if you own a home even with a mortgage they will create you an approved loan amount that will disqualify you from any ONA grant. This grant is not actually my opinion worth applying for because FEMA requires you to apply for a SBA loan first. More information and resources.

We are homeowners, renters, victims of disasters that thought the federal system was here to help us. We were wrong, the shock were all were in because of the disaster blinded us and with that in mind I want to tell you personally that it has taken more than one year to even reach the point of understanding what we needed to do for our disaster recovery. We are still living in a RV 2 years after the disaster and still fighting the federal and state disaster recovery people over every penny we are qualified to receive.
No one plans on disasters because we have federal, state and local government employees we pay to handle these matters. We expected them to tell us from the first day what to do. What we have learned was nothing short of everything FUBAR. Many lost thousands over policy that has not business even being in a disaster relief or disaster recovery program while others were lied to and suffer today a debt burden they would have never had if our local elected officials and paid govnerment employees would have advised us with the correct information. Even news media outlets from local services failed to pass the information about how to recover which they all hand in hand.


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