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When you are blocked by HUD, ignored or incorrectly categorized by the SBA and you just found out that FEMA has packed their bags of and moved away from your troubles who do you communicate with?. 

Your first guess might be your state, your governor, your community development people, your congressional representatives or even your state representatives. But when you try to reach out to special boards, commissions and task force members you find their are laws in place that protect them from responding to the public. It is at this time you give up, you have no avenue to have your voice heard by those that need to hear you.

For this reason I am offering a space online that may be read or maybe never be read but it's space that will be show to those that you would think should take interest in their citizens.

In the beginning you're going to notice much if not all is from Louisiana, we in the state have the worse recovery processes on the books than any state in the last 117 disasters and from our posts you'll see just why we say it's the worse recovery program in the country. It does not allow for public input on all issues that effect the recovery process of the private citizen.

Has your state recovery agencies made it nearly impossible to understand their processes? Have you been told "No" for your recovery needs? Have you been told "Policy" doesn't allow this or allow that? Has your state outsourced all or part of your recovery process? Have you noticed less and less effort to actual recovery?

We all have a story to tell and you are free to tell it, but tell it on your Twitter feed or Facebook page. We are looking for facts, data, documents, policy and standard operating procedures that make it nearly impossible for homeowners to completely recovery from a disaster. We are looking for your states agencies in charge of your recovery, we want to know what they are doing to make your recovery successful and what they are doing that is making your personal recovery next to impossible.

Find a group and get involved. Make a positive effort to secure your recovery. Ask those that had to fight and claw their way to a successful recovery.

If you have a group formed in your state that you would like to share please contact us.

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