CDBG-DR Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program

CDBG-DR Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery.

HUD CDBG-DR program will be the most difficult program you attempt to navigate due to the number of process, direction, guidance and program rules you must follow.
For much of this section I will be discussion a delivery sequence change that will make recovery more time effective for disaster victims. Typically the CDBG-DR process starts one year after the declared disaster but can be granted one additional year making your recovery process with HUD 2 years from the actual disaster. 


  • CDBG-DR Laws, Regulations, and Federal Register Notices

  • HUD Helping Your Community Recover After Disaster Video
    This video uses illustrations to describe how HUD helps communities recover after a disaster.

  • HUD CDBG-DR Grant Calculator 
    The 100% UNOFFICIAL HUD CDBG-DR Grant calculator. Technically it's not unofficial because HUD doesn't offer any type of CDBG-DR Grant Calculator for disaster victims. So it's officially the only online CDBG-DR Grant calculator designed to be used by CDBG-DR Grant recipients.
    • If you are from any state other than Louisiana please email me a copy of your grant and send your states homeowners policy so I can add any variables your state may have added to their internal calculations. Thanks.
  • Deferment & Recapture Reduction Grant Calculator
    Also known as "Homeowners Responsibility" in Louisiana this calculator will show you ways to reduce the buy in or the recapture payment you must make to be awarded additional grant funds. 

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