• Hundreds of homeowners with SBA Duplication of Benefits may have been categorized incorrectly.
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    SBA Duplication of Benefits totaling near $55 million for Louisiana alone may have been counted against disaster victims but later changed by the SBA without updating state grantee datafeeds. This issue may also be relevant to other disasters since 2013.

  • South Carolina Identify your AMI percentage before applying with FEMA for IA or IHP
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    You should know your AMI percentage to get an idea of what other grants may be available to you in the near future. The IA and IHP FEMA grants are for specific items or components of your home.

  • North Carolina identify your AMI percentage before taking your first step with FEMA for IA or IHP assistance.
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    Our experience tells us to identify 2 factors before applying to FEMA for any type of grant award. You MUST apply to FEMA if you plan on asking or using any federal assistance or non profit groups. Applying to be issued an FEMA Disaster Account ID.

  • Do I have to apply for a SBA loan in order to be eligible for other Federal assistance?

    Yes, for certain types of FEMA assistance like ONA a very rare grant to receive. No, for CDBG-DR assistance, but be very careful of your state CDBG-DR manager, they could be a Wolf in sheep's clothing. Check your AMI, if below 80 DO NOT APPLY TO THE SBA!

  • H.R.1892 Bipartisan Budget Act DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Community Planning And Development

    We are not lawyers but we do know when something just doesn't set well with the masses. 3,800 Louisiana flood victims have been refused HUD Grants under the guidance of Governor John Bel Edwards and the state of Louisiana Office of Community Development.

  • State Community Development agencies penalizing homeowners that refused to take the approved SBA Loan.
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    Is your state setting you up to fail your disaster recovery? Ignoring Public Laws 115-123 part of H.R. 1892. Are they creating local rules that just don't seem to fit the spirit of the DOB SBA rules?

  • SBA and CDBG DR Duplication of Benefits

    If you havent read the report published by the Congressional Research Service CRS that was prepared for Members and Committees of Congress report number R44553 then you should. Ill be making many references to this report as well as others.

  • Low income, moderate income households are suffering at the hands of HUD funds to rebuild after a disaster.
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    The discussion regarding Duplication of Benefits and who can make changes continues for Louisiana the poorest state in the union still resisting to give federal grant money to below moderate income and low income families to help them rebuild.

  • Declare your financial hardship for accepting the SBA loan
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    A Facebook.Com Group called Restore LA Program Info Exchange offers Disaster Victims in any state help with navigation by personal experience and published laws, rules and guidance your OCD-DRU CDBG-DR grantee programs.